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Samba Peuzzi was born and raised in Diacksao (Dakar suburb). He began his career as a Rapper in 2013 at the age of 17 with the label REP'TYLE MUSIC and very quickly, he stood out for his style, his way of speaking, his attire and his lyrics that were both simple and full of' meaning. Samba Peuzzi is also called BOY GHETTO to affirm his pride in being a young man from the suburbs. According to him, being from the suburbs should not be a barrier, on the contrary, it is rather a source of motivation.


lt is in this sense that he released a series of videos called FROM DIACK (from Diacksao) to highlight his Diacksao district. This series of videos allowed Boy Ghetto to earn the respect of his peers and a place among the most promising young talents in Rap or even more so in Senegalese music. In 2016, he was a finalist of the FLOW UP which is the biggest rap competition in Senegal. In 2017, after the release of the album "221" in collaboration with Dip Doundou Guiss, Bm Faay, Kanizy and Dope Boy, Samba Peuzzi stands out with the videos "Keuleum "and "Yole''. In 2019 Samba Peuzzi consolidated its place in the game and seduced the public of Senegalese music through its project "Yoli /Jeff Sa Poche" which is a series of five videos, the most popular of which are ''Marie & Cheikh" which recorded more than eight million views on Youtube and "Sagnse" with more than three million views on Youtube. In 2020, he released his first album "SENEGAL BOY'; which today capitalizes more than 30 million readings on streaming platforms. 

In 2021, his album "SENEGAL BOY"" won the prize for the best album of the year (Galsen Hip Hop Awards). Samba Peuzzi was also crowned the same year, best artist of the year in Senegal (Galsen Hip Hop Awards) and best French-speaking artist in Africa at the "African Talent Awards" in Ivory Coast. Samba Peuzzi is above all a real beast of the stage, known for his presence and his ability to ignite the public.


He practically toured Senegal in concert. And on DEC 31, 2021, for the promotion of his album, he did an exceptional Show (SENEGAL BOY SHOW) at the esplanade of the Grand Théâtre Doundou Ndiaye Rose (more than 10,000 seats). Samba Puzzi is also a platform. Indeed, he is one of the most followed artists on social networks in Senegal with more than one million (1,000,000) followers on Instagram and nearly six hundred thousand (600,000) subscribers on Facebook. To date, Samba Peuzzi is undoubted- ly one of the best African artists with an exponentially growing audience. His style and his music, unanimously appreciated, make him the Senegalese artist most willing to represent Sene- gal on the international scene, hence the incarnation of his new identity "SENEGAL BOY""

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